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Pumpkin spice latte soy wax melts

Pumpkin spice latte soy wax melts

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Immerse your senses in the rich, inviting aroma of a freshly brewed pumpkin spice latte, expertly captured in these handcrafted soy wax melts. As the wax pieces melt, they release layers of fragrance notes, from the comforting scent of pumpkin and cinnamon to the subtle undertones of creamy vanilla and aromatic spices. Mmm! This scent is perfect for creating a welcoming ambiance on a chilly day. Elevate your surroundings with the essence of everyone's favourite seasonal beverage - minus the calories! Simply pop a melt into your wax warmer, and breathe in the captivating aroma as you embrace the spirit of autumn. Contains a mix of: Ginger, Nutmeg, caramel & vanilla scents.

🎃 Pumpkin Spice Latte Wax Melts 🎃

Indulge in the cosy warmth of autumn with our Pumpkin Spice Latte Wax Melts, a delightful addition to your fall décor. Crafted with love, this set includes seven Wax Melts, each hand-poured in the shape of cute little pumpkins.

Wax Melts come in a mix of orange and green hues, designed to resemble charming little pumpkins. These eye-catching melts bring a touch of seasonal charm to any space.

Infused with the rich, comforting aroma of Pumpkin Spice Latte, these melts will fill your home with the essence of freshly brewed coffee, sweet pumpkin, and a dash of cinnamon. It's like a warm embrace on a crisp fall day.

- Hand-poured with 100% natural soy wax for a clean and eco-friendly burn.
- These Wax Melts are carefully crafted using lots of extra fragrance to get a good scent spread, making them an ideal gift for loved ones or a treat for yourself.

[Care Instructions]:
- Always melt within sight.
- Wax warmer sold separately/extra charge. Warmer is black & white (see pictures).
- Always use on a heat-resistant surface, away from drafts, and out of reach of children and pets.

*Always wash hands thoroughly after handling wax melts.

100% Handmade.

Wax warmer bundle extra.

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