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Room spray perfume(100ml & 50ml)

Room spray perfume(100ml & 50ml)

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Wonderful gift idea for friends, family, loved ones, teachers, colleagues, acquaintances etc. Or better yet, for yourself!

Comes in a clear plastic bottle. Made using premium grade perfume base to ensure quality and performance of fragrance. (Can be used as a body spray, keep away from jewellery and accessories. For a stronger scented spray with double the fragrance oil, please see the perfume listing).

***Please be sure to wash your hands thoroughly any time you handle it as the fragrance can cause irritation to skin and eyes. ***Liquid may stain or cause damage to plastic surfaces so please be safe!

Feel free to ask any questions.

Room spray/perfumed mix/air freshener is recommended to be used and installed by adults. This is not a toy. Not to be used by children. Do not ingest. Wash hands immediately after handling.
Can only be shipped within Australia due to laws regarding air freight of perfume and certain ingredients. No international shipping, sorry.

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